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 Mares Bred to Tomcat Chex in 2008

Mares bred to Tomcat Chex in 2007

Mares bred to Tomcat Chex in 2008

Mares bred to Tomcat Chex in 2009

Peppys Smokin Edition
1998 APHA Mare lte- $6,268.66
(only shown 3 times, due to injury)
Sire:  Docs Gunsmoke
Dam:  Latest Edition x Peppy San Badger
Foal: 05 Soula Jule Star chestnut colt
Foal: 06 WR This Cats Smart chestnut overo colt
Foal: 08 Tomcat Chex bay overo colt - picture
Show N Telesis  
1996 Bay Mare - lte $8,085.00

Sire: Lenas Telesis
Dam: Beautys Little Peppy by Peppy San Badger
Dam is half sister to earners of $160,006.00
Foal: 05 Hes A Peptospoonful bay roan filly
Foal: 06  Hes A Peptospoonful bay colt-
News Flash - Southpaw wins the 2009 Mebane Open Futurity for a payday of $22,000.00
Foal: 08 Tomcat Chex bay filly -picture
China Doll Blues
1985 Bay Mare - LTE $16,596.42
Sire:  Skeeto x Doc Olena
Dam:  Easy On Riker x Leo Sandy Bar x Sugar Bars
Foal:  08 Tomcat Chex black colt - picture
AR Powder Chick
1997 Bay Mare - lte $814.00
Sire:  Powder River Playboy
Dam: Chick Tari - LTE $260,111.57
Foal: 05 Hickorys Indian Pep bay colt
Foal: 08 Tomcat Chex chestnut colt - picture
Raks Guaranteeya
1987 Bay Mare - LTE $5,000.00  Pedigree
Produce earnings exceed $100,000.00
Producer of Guaranteeya Julestar lte $100,000.
Sire:  Docs Tamarak
Dam: Guaranteeya 
Foal: 08 Tomcat Chex bay colt
Karenlee Lena
1986 Palomino Mare - LTE 26,016.00
Sire:  Stag A Lena x Doc Olena
Dam:  Nevadas Sugar x Son O Sugar
Playboy Royal Rio
2002 Bay Mare  Pedigree
Sire:  Powder River Playboy
Dam: Freckles Royal Leo
out of Royal Tincie dam of Royal Blue Boon LTE $224,685.37
Foal:  08 Tomcat Chex bay colt
Sugarita Peppy
1988 Sorrel Mare
Sire:  Peppy San Badger
Dam:  Miss Vandy Gill


Valentine Solano
1995 Bay Mare
Sire: Sackum Up Solano x Docs Solano
Dam:  Poco Leos Kate
Champagne Oak
Full sister to Cassies Oak lte $205,000.00
1985 Bay Mare
Sire:  Docs Oak
Dam:  Nance B Chex
Reminics April Star
Full sister to Boomernic

1996 Bay Mare - NRCHA $ earner
Sire:  Reminic
Dam:  Docs Leavem Smoke x Mr Gun Smoke
Smokums Chic - article
2001 Sorrel Mare - NRCHA $ earner
Sire:  Chic Please
Dam:  Smokums Pepper -article lte $45,000. x Smokum Oak
For Sale in foal to Tomcat Chex
Freckles Award
1999 Sorrel Mare
Sire:  SMF Lenas Award x Colonel Freckles
Dam:  Straight Freckles x Freckles Playboy
Foal: 08 Tomcat Chex black filly - picture

For Sale
Miss Hickory Pep
1989 Bay Mare - LTE $6,355.00
Produce Earnings exceed $100,000.
Producer of the BI Champion Hickorysomebodysmart
Sire:  Docs Hickory
Dam:  Peppys Tercera x Peppy San Badger
Pam Pas Color
2001 Bay Tobiano Mare
Sire:  Color Me Smart x Smart Little Lena
Dam:  Pampa Playgirl lte $16,300. (PE $500,000) x Freckles Playboy
Reds First Acre
1997 Red Dun Mare - LTE $33,570.00
Sire:  Acres Of Red
Dam:  Sr Jade x Holidoc
Foal:  08 Loredo Blue Dun filly
Dry Flites Remedy
1994 Bay Mare
Sire:  Mr Dry Flite
Dam:  Remedys Poco Lil x Docs Remedy
Lenas Rust Freckle
1998 Sorrel Mare - NRCHA $ earner
Sire:  Little Bit Of Rust
Dam:  Lenas Nifty Freckle
Reedas Telesis
1996 Bay Mare
Sire: Lenas Telesis
Dam: Cal Reeda x Cal Bar
For Sale in foal to Tomcat Chex
For Sale
Ivana Diamond
2004 Sorrel Overo Mare
Sire:  Like A Diamond
Dam: Nu Smokin Cash x Nu Cash
HR Lil Peppi Boon
2000 Bay Roan Mare - picture
Sire:  Star Chex Badger x Peppy San Badger
Dam:  Bad To The Boon x Boon Bar
Niners Jackie Sprat
1989 Chestnut Mare - NRCHA $ producer
Sire:  Docs jack Sprat x Doc Bar
Dam:  89'er's Leo Sox x Mr 89'er x Leo
Slipdown Molly Brown
1996 Chestnut Mare - lte $2,980. NRCHA $ producer
Sire:  Slip Down Lena x Doc Olena
Dam:  Roan Oakie Bar x Gay Bar King
Pretty Ms Starlight
1996 Sorrel Mare - LTE $2,105.
Sire:  Grays Starlight
Dam: Docs Pretty
Zanolena Day
2000 Bay Mare - LTE $2,014.00
Sire:  Smart Zanolena x Smart Chic Olena
Dam:  Departure Day x Miss N Cash
Freckles Doc Doll
1999 Sorrel Mare
Sire:  Colonel Freckles Jr x Colonel Freckles
Dam:  Clarks Fancy Daube x Clarks Doc Bar
Smokin Holly Oak - picture
2000 Bay Mare
Sire:  Doc O Wena x Dual Pep
Dam:  The Bar Maid Mine - 42.5 pts in AQHA Reining
Open Jr. Reining World Qualifier, Open & Amt Performance of Register Of Merit
Working Cow Horse Circuit Champion
For sale in foal to Tomcat Chex
Travelena King Babe - picture
1995 Sorrel Mare - LTE $705.00
Sire:  Travalena x Doc Olena
Dam:  King H Boo x Brown King H x King
Peptos Amazing Lady
2003 Chestnut Mare - LTE $20,000.00 +
Sire:  Hes A Peptospoonful
Dam:  TNT Chic Olena Lady x Smart Chic Olena
Emma Elizabeth
1986 Sorrel Mare
Sire:  Full Speed x Sugar Bars
Dam:  Queen R Molly
Heflins Steel Jaz
1995 Black Mare
Sire:  Little Steel Dust
Dam:  Slick Rock Nina
Short On Cents
1997 Bay Mare - LTE $3,382.00
Sire:  Shorty Lena
Dam:  Ms Cash Or Credit
Cinnamon Knot
2006 Non Pro Champion Stock Horse of Texas

2001 Sorrel Mare
Sire:  Texas Stray x Peppy San Badger
Dam:  Red Onion Jackie
Wranglers Telesis
Full sister produced No Pleasin This Chic lte $66,289.
1996 Bay Mare
Sire:  Lenas Telesis
Dam:  Smokin Wranglers x Smokum Oak
Sea N Fire
1984 Bay Mare
Sire:  Right To Tell
Dam:  Bar Patty Bar
Dualena Playgirl
2000 Sorrel Mare - LTE $1,408.00
Sire:  Freckles Playboy
Dam:  Duallys Little Queen x Dual Pep
Lu Lu Quil
1997 Chestnut Mare - LTE $1,719.00
Sire:  Quilchina Bar x Doc Tari
Dam:  Easyote Lou x Doc Quixote
Lectric Doe  picture
1998 Bay Mare - lte $190.
Sire:  Lectric Playboy x Freckles Playboy
Dam:  Dough Olena x Doc Olena
Dough Olena x Rooster 2 yr old colt sold for $100,000.
at the 2007 NRHA  sale
Spring Mister
1999 Sorrel Mare
Sire:  Mister Dual Pep x Peppy San Badger
Dam:  Spring Plain x Just Plain Colonel
Deuce Bars Milyn
1990 Gray Mare - AQHA Points
Sire:  Docs Deuce Bar x Jim Bar Araujo
Dam:  Macha Milyn x Mach 1
Ebony San Rose
1993 Black Mare
Sire:  Poco Boss Peppy San
Dam:  Lucky Desert Peach
Bita Borrego
1994 Sorrel Mare
Sire:  Borrego Lena x Doc OLena
Dam:  Bitnic x Reminic
MDIS Kayenne Pepper
1992 Sorrel Mare
Sire:  Monta Doc IMP x Montana Doc
Dam:  Sugar Vandys Starlet x Sugar Vandy x Sugar Bars
Cal River Gal   picture Pedigree  
2003 Sorrel Mare - lte 7,003.00
Sire:  Powder River Playboy x Peppy San Badger
Dam:  Cal Cedes  lte $9,481.00 x Cal Bar


Hollywood Top Gun
2002 Sorrel Mare -
Sire:  Hollywood Dun It
Dam:  Top Gun Holly $ earner x Topsail Cody
Dixies Dominic
1984 Bay Mare
Sire:  Reminic
Dam:  Dixies Remedy
Be Generally Sweet
1999 Grey Mare
Fairlea Steady Lil
2004 Sorrel Mare 
Sire:  Smart Steady Date x Smart Little Lena
Dam:  Fairleas Lil Pic x Colonel Pic out of Montana Minnie
A Mess Of Stress
1999 Chestnut Mare    Photo   Papers
Sire:  Acres Of Red
Dam:  Stressin (produce earnings 144,790.) daughter of Crackin lte $121,557.00

STRESSIN - is Kwackin's full sister. Sire: Dual Pep (LTE: $313,192) Dam: Crackin (LTE: $121,557) Performance Record: Full sister to Kwackin, producer of $460,980.
Owner: Charlotte lloyd
Winters, CA




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